【Outdoor knowledge】Sort of moisture-proof mat and its merits and drawbacks

2018-07-27 15:20:18 毛毛 52

For the moisture-proof mats, warmth degree、weight、comfort degree、durability and size are important, in that order. However, for a climber, having a good sleep at night is a matter of the key importance, that’s why it is crucial obtaining a good mat.

So, what are the sort、functions、merits and drawbacks moisture-proof mats?

Functions of mats:

1. Anti-branding

2. Keep warm

3. Moisture-proof

Air Mattress:

Merits: comfortable, and softness adjustable, relative cheap.

Drawbacks: too heavy、not big by rolling、easy broken,and is unable to provide good warm keeping effect. Besides, hard to inflate.


Opened Gas Chamber

It is made up of a foam material like sponge.

Merits: cozier、lighter、cheaper、warmer than air mats.

Drawbacks: worse moisture proof ability, not suitable to use in damp environment, worse compression ability, not portable, relative short usage life.


Closed Gas Chamber

It is made up of a foam material consisting of a large amount of tiny closed gas chambers.

Merits: cheap、excellent insulators、light and thin、good moisture proof.

Drawbacks: relative uncomfortable because of thinness.



Close the opened gas chamber in a waterproof Nylon shell, expand automatically when in use.

Merits: as cozy as the opened one, waterproof, moisture proof, and gas volume adjustable.

Drawbacks: relative expensive price, easy to break, big volume, inconvenient keep are also exist.


Aluminum film moisture proof mats:

Made up of EVA foam

Merits: light and thin, cheap, good moisture proof and coziness.

Drawbacks: easy to break, some are thin.