American Outdoor Sports Exhibition recommends high standard fabrics

2018-07-27 15:15:33 毛毛 96

Since the year January 2018, Salt Lake City’s Outdoor Supplies Exhibition, which has held 40 sessions, will redeploy to Denver, and becomes the biggest professional outdoor supplies exhibition in North America. The exhibition will be assisted byAmerica’s Outdoor Industries Coalition, carrying on the whole industrial integration and upgrading together, provide and build the broader business platform for the related people in the industry. At the same time providing more business possibilities for the exhibitor, it avoids the purchasers’ absence due to schedule conflicts and greatly improves purchase efficiency. 

From July 23, 2018 to July 26, 2018, Japanese Emperor Innovation Co. Ltd. Will attend the world’s biggest outdoor sports commodity exhibition “Summer Outdoor Retail Sales Fair”. “Delta”, which fits for sportswear among them, is extraordinary. In the following, the most representative four fiber fabrics in the exhibition will be introduced.

This is a new generation material which realizes the multi-integration between texture、function and quality, just like the special structure of precision unit with the overall characters of lightweight、form stability、ductility、anti permeability and so on.

It is the developed sweaty clothes in the “delta” series at the moment, just like the specific 4 layers knitting construction, with the features of relative thick、 good in quality and light in weight. A new generation of cozy sweat uptake fabric“delemoPRO” is introduced in this exhibition, which surface has both the splendid waterproof and water absorption abilities.


This is a kind of special fracture Polyester fiber, which consists of 8 high heterotypic radiate raised hollows. 8 raised make space between fibers, which are able to play functions of perspiration drying and capacity advantage. The key point in this exhibition is the full cotton、lining integrated cozy material“octaCPCP“.

四、Biopolymer material
Obtaining the morphologic restorable and good durable“nursing”PPT fiber, touch and comfortable extension are also its main features, which components are from living beings. PPT is called elastic polyester (no spandex is involved), which has both polyester’s stability and nylon’s softness.

Four kinds of brand new high standard fiber fabrics are highly practical and overall universal, which fits completely for the civil dress manufacture. It is also expected that the exhibition brings citizens much more experiences.